Representing the Premier Leaders in the Industrial Auction Industry

The Industrial Auctioneers Association is the world’s first and only association composed solely of industrial machinery and equipment auctioneers. Membership is limited to the world’s most reputable and qualified industrial auctioneers. Our members are the standard-bearers of the ideals in the industry. We do not sacrifice quality for new membership. Our purpose is not to be the world’s largest organization of auctioneers, just the best.

Members of the IAA utilize auction sales as a superior method for monetizing idle industrial equipment. In addition to auction sales, IAA auctioneers offer liquidation and appraisal services. We establish guidelines for conduct among our members, and represent the highest level of integrity when dealing with both sellers and buyers.

Expert Asset Valuation. Fair
Market Value Knowledge.

Our depth of experience means our members know what machinery & equipment is worth, be it a boring mill, injection molder, ultrafiltration system or highly specialized machines. There is no sector that we have not bought, sold or auctioned. We know the value of virtually any piece of machinery because our members are buying and selling in the market every day. We understand how to market, inventory and catalog equipment in order to deliver the highest return for the asset.

Vast Buyer Reach. Targeted
Worldwide Audiences.

Finding an audience of users and buyers of surplus equipment, especially of highly specialized assets, requires a breadth and depth of manufacturing knowledge. It necessitates an understanding of market trends and conditions, as well as machinery uses, prices and modifications.

IAA members have deep proprietary buyer lists and know how to locate buyers on every continent. Utilizing the most cutting edge marketing techniques, we target customers in North and South America, Europe, Australia, Africa, the middle east, central, south and east Asia.

Efficient. Professional. Reliable.

IAA members maintain the highest integrity in dealing with both buyers and sellers. The IAA requires its members to abide by certain codes of conduct, and our members have strategic relationships with equipment movers, demolition companies and equipment brokers. We assure customers and sellers that if they work with an IAA member, they are working with the best our industry has to offer.

Our Mission

The IAA represents the highest echelon of industrial auctioneers in the world. Our mission is to promote partnerships and joint ventures among our premier members. We deliver effective disposition solutions to fortune 500 businesses around the world. Our members, by utilizing deep industry expertise, achieve the highest value for surplus equipment in the market.