Purdue Pharmaceuticals

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From March 27, 2018 to March 28, 2018
Inspection Date: March 27, 2018


Branford Group, LLC (The)




8300 National Hwy
Penn, NJ, US

Surplus Lab and Pharma Equipment Mass Spectrometers, Chromatographs, Autosamplers, Scales/Balances, Mixers, Labelers, Fillers and More

(2) MG Futura MG2 Capsule Fillers Crockatt No. 5 Granulator Key ABC35JI Tablet Press Hopper Elevator/Sorters Lock Inspection Metal Detector/Tablet Checker ICL 20-Ton E-Z Press Lab Press Thermal Finnigan LC2 Advantage Mass Spectrometer Applied Biosystems MDS Sciex API2000 LC/MS/MS Micromass LCT Mass Spectrometer Micromass Quattro II Mass Spectrometer Argonaut Trident Automated Library Synthesizer CTC Analytics HTS PAL Autosamplers Beckman Coulter Biomek 2000 Sample Robot Jenoptik Retsch IP 50 Camsizer Shimadzu UB-2401TC UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Perkin Elmer LS-50B Luminescence Spectrometer Bruker Biospin CryoProbe NMR Components Bruker Daltronics Apex-Maldi TOF Eppendorf 5804 Centrifuge Eppendorf 5415D Centrifuge VerTis Freezemobile 12ES Brinkmann Metrohm 796 Titroprocessor UV and Ozone Water Purification Systems Lepel Lepak Sealer New Jersey Machine/CLI Labelers Lamson Multistage Centrifugal Blower LR Systems Push/Pull Pump Vac-U-Max Vacuum Pump Ingersoll-Rand HG201-GT Air Dryer & More