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GE Lighting

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From October 30, 2017 to November 1, 2017
Inspection Date: October 30, 2017


Branford Group, LLC (The)




1501 South 19th Street
Mattoon, IL, US

Surplus Equipment to the Ongoing Operations of GE Lighting Complete 300,000 Sq Ft Late Model Halogen Bulb & Lamp Mfg Facility Featuring Late Model Product Lines, (50) Leybold Vacuum Pumps to 2015, Machine Shop, Material Handling, Vehicles & Support

PRODUCT LINES/ MAJOR EQUIPMENT (Qty 7) Complete EEH7 Custom Halogen Automated Product & Assembly Lines- Mounting, Tabulating, Pinching, Light Up, Halogen Testers, CM Furnaces, Bulb Formers (Qty 2) Deckel Feinmechanik GMBH, Tool & Cutter Grinder Blackstone Automated Acid Wash Line/Room (Qty 11) Wafios Model FTU 2 Spring Coiling Machines (Qty 10) Starrett Benchtop Optical Comparator, HB 400 US Centrifuge Model Simplamatic 100 Glass Centrifuge (8) Unitrol Simplicity Spot Welders/ Controls Model 9160 WATER TREATMENT MASS SPECTROMETER MATERIAL HANDLING FACILITY & SUPPORT