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Powder Bag Packaging & Sugar Processing Equipment

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From June 19, 2017 to June 22, 2017


Tiger Commercial & Industrial




A complete facility of grinding, mixing and packaging equipment is available to increase your production capacity. All items have been disconnected and skidded for your convenience. PROCESSING EQUIPMENT Liquid Sugar Pumps, Super Sack Bulk Bag Unloader, Ohara Ribbon Blender, Grinders, Russell Finex 30" Sifter, Hoppers, Brabender Single Screw S/S Loss-in-Weight Feeder, Jacketed Tanks and Much More... PACKAGING EQUIPMENT CBE Valve Bag Fillers, Fichbien Inline Bag Heat Sealer, Bag Flatteners, Bunting Conveyorized Metal Detector, Wulftec Smart Semi Automatic Pallet Wrapper and Much More… PLANT SUPPORT Spiral Conveyers, Flexicon Screw Conveyers, Scales, Safety Rails, Platforms, Staircases and Much More…